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MS SBS 2003 - RWW and OWA have been working for a couple of years.  About a week ago, users started seeing the following problem:
- RWW website comes up correctly
- login to RWW works fine
- Click on OWA - returns an error "IE cannot display the webpage"

This problem only occurs from external computers, OWA works correctly from internal / LAN.

Troubleshooting Info:
- Firewall ports 80, 110, 25, 143, 3389, 4125, 443 are open and pointing to the server
- Tested several users - all had same problem, assuming it is all users
- Tested from different external machines, locations, etc - all had same problem

I have not re-run CEICW yet because I have had problems on other servers where network / email / other stopped working after running this wizard.  Is CEICW the next step?
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Cris HannaSr IT Support Engineer

First of all
Close port 80, 110, and 143.
They are not required for anything on SBS from the outside

My next step would be to download and run the SBS BPA and fix everything it finds

How many nics in the server?
Are you running ISA?

bbaoIT Consultant

also double check the certificates. expired??


One NIC in the server, not running ISA.
Certificate expires in 2015, so it is valid.
Ran the BPA and fixed the items - they were minor and do not appear to be related.
Went ahead and ran the CEICW wizard.

Still having the same problem.

Tested in Firefox and got the error:
Firefox can't find the server at bserver.xyzco.local
bserver is the name of the server, and xyzco is the correct domain.
Sr IT Support Engineer
you might take a look here and see if something here helps

from a machine a machine outside the network...can you telnet to the URL on port 443?


CrisHanna - thank you for pointing to the security tutorial.  Backed up IIS and ran through that and it helped solve a number of certificate questions, and fixed remote desktop under RWW but did not fix OWA.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), the changes then broke email to mobile devices (POP3) and caused some grief for the users.  Restored from the IIS backup (back to the original settings) and email to mobile devices was fixed.  Expected remote desktop to be broken again, but it was still working !?!?  OWA still does not work, but has been assigned a lower priority for now.  The original issue was not resolved, but the tutorial was helpful enough and I am awarding the points accordingly.

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