An IIS Directory entry counldn't be created

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Have 3 CAS Servers (CAS1, CAS2, CAS3) all running Exchange 2010 CAS roles in a CAS Array.

Two original server in the array for over a year and just added third CAS. All load balanced using a hardware load balancing solution. CAS1 and CAS2 are the original. CAS3 was just added.

When using the EMS on CAS1 and attempting to execute get-OWAVirtualDirectory, get-ECPVirtualDirectory, and get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory the following error message results:

An IIS directory entry couldn't be created. The error message is Access is denied.
. HResult = -2147024891
      + CategoryInfo   : NotInstalled (CAS3\OWA (Default Web....)

This command can be executed successfully from both CAS2 and CAS3 and return the results for all three Client Access Servers. Searching the web results in only errors associated with mixed 2010 and 2007 Exchange servers whereby adding "Exchange Trusted Subsystem" to local administrators group of 2007 CAS servers fixes the problem of not being able to return results on the 2007 server. Of course, this is not the case since all servers are 2010 and have "Exchange Trusted Subsystem" as a member of the local administrators group.

Have tried many things but nothing seems to fix it, including rebooting CAS1.

Please help!
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SaakarSenior Technical Consultant

Stop IIS Admin Service and try to recreate the Virtual Directory again
Sorry to have bothered folks. IPV6 addresses had hung around in DNS after initial config and the CAS1 system, for some reason, even though IPV6 had been removed from its NICs was still trying to use the IPV6 address it was getting for CAS3 from DNS to talk to the system. Outrageous but true. Removing IPV6 entries from DNS and flushing the systems cache solved the problem.


Identified solution through DNS resolution on host having trouble connected to other host and realizing IPV6 addresses were being returned.

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