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We suffered from a spoiler error on our printer server, which is also domain controller, dns, and dhcp servers. One of our techs rebooted the server but after several minutes it was not pingable. We went to the server and found it was at the login screen, it was rebooted.

When we logged it we were unable to ping anything on the network. I could however ping itself. Nothing could ping it either. I checked physical connections and all was fine. The windows reported it had a network connection. For lack of other ideas we rebooted again. Now everything went back to normal.

My question is what would cause an issue where after a boot the network wouldn't work but after another boot it works fine?

We have to write 2 RCA reports and as far as why the network failed I don't have a clue.
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Couple of possibilities:
- Auto-negotiation failure between your NIC and switch (i.e. NIC going to 100-half instead of 1000-full or something like that)
- Faulty NIC hardware
- Driver error on load
- A required service failing to start

Some of these can show up in your System event log - look for errors following one of the boots which resulted in no network.
def check system event log for errors, sounds more of a communication issue with switch, was this a onboard NIC or NIC card?  Also dhcp or static for IP?  I am guessing static

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