Message Tracking in Exchange 2010

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I want to perform a search on emails being sent to a mailbox on exchange. We just upgraded to 2010 and I can't get it to work. I tried using the web interface and that didn't work - said something about service not being available on server.

Message Tracking is enabled in the HUB. I tried using Tracking Log Explorer but I get the attached error. Access is denied.

I don't understand, I'm logged in as Administrator. Can someone assist? Thanks.

 error after i tried a search on emails sent to a mailbox
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You need to have message tracking enabled and have the appropriate permissions set -- because I am not exactly what you have or havent done to this point, here is the MS link that explains

Check Services on the server and make sure all MS Exchange services are running.  
You will get best performance if you run tracking from the HUB server itself.
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We have the HUB configured as shown in attachment.

What is the Microsoft Exchange Transport Log Search Service status? and what "account" is being used to run the service? Give those a look - your error seems to indicate the service may not be running -- seems like the system cant start the service.


Service is running automatically but the account used is local system one. Should I change it to Administrator?



hey I changed the account to the administrator one and it works!!! yes!! thanks mmusurlian!
Glad to help ! Glad to hear all is well ...cheers

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