Distributing Video from a PC

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I am looking for options and opinions on distributing video from a PC.

I am going to build the PC from scratch so I can use any video card necessary

The video from the application running on the PC needs to be distributed to up to 5 different screens

Screens may be up to 200 feet away

The screens must be independent and not require a PC to receive the main feed.

I will also be buying the screens so I am flexible here, the only requirement is that they are in the normal price range for 22" LCD monitors, say under 250 dollars.

I would love to hear your solution, thanks.

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Hi Brian,

I just helped another user, with a similar request. Please see here for a start to the answer:


There are less expensive solutions over CAT6, here:


Since you will be replicating one source to multiple destinations, you could also add a signal replicator such as this one:

Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions Consulting

If they show exactly the same thing you just use a multiplier and converters to Bnc for the long distance ones as you can't run video that far without amplification. This is really common stuff for tradeshows, concerts, sales meetings, etc...
You can get consumer grade stuff that uses cat5 if your on a budget but I've never tried it.


NotLogical: What type of monitor input would be required at the receiving end for each of your 3 options?

aarontomosky: Can you give me a specific hardware example, I am not clear on what you mean by multiplier and also not sure what type of converter you mean (from what to BNC?).

Thanks guys.

For the solutions I presented, you can easily use any PC monitor (or even TV) which accepts DVI or HDMI. Your video card should have either a DVI or HDMI output (the signals are compatible).

One note: if you use HDMI and convert it to DVI please be aware that you may lose the capability of displaying protected (Hi-Def) content from things like BluRay discs or other HiDef internet streaming media. If this is not a concern to you, feel free to proceed. This does not affect any computer-rendered graphics.

If you do need to display Hi-Def content from BluRay or internet streaming media, you will have to go for a more expensive extender, such as the Geffen, which also pass HDCP (High Def Copy Protection).
Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions Consulting
Not logical posted an hdmi multiplier that would work to split one signal into 4 outputs. The problem then is the 200 ft distance. Hdmi doesn't run that far withOut amplification. You could get some of these http://www.uniqueproductsonline.com/hdmirepeater.html
Depending on where the source is and how close the monitors are to each other will determine hoe many you need.

The alternative is not to run hdmi the whole way but to convert it with something like that mo optics box above to run over cat6. I've used VGA to Bnc (just a type of connector) that runs over 10 gage wire (really thick stuff) for long runs.


Thanks for the clarification. I will not have to worry about protected content so that is good. I didn't remember/realize HDMI and DVI were compatible although I do remember reading that somewhere.

Thanks as well.

Much appreciated guys!

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