Need some advanced code indentation help

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Is anyone aware of a tool or way to reformat entire source code files so that they are readable?

I have some javascript code that is a complete mess.  It is completely unreadable and unworkable.  There are entire methods and loops that are combined into a single line, inconsistent use of white spaces, no indentation, wrong indentation, and downright confusion.  

I'm looking a tool or something that make it readable.  Ideally, no matter now bad or ugly will give me a nice clean workable / readable javascript file that conforms to best coding practices?

I'm using vim on cygwin right now, but I'm no expert.

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Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions Consulting

Notepad++ has some tidy functions. They work great for XML and HTML. Never tried on js.
Dreamweaver has a source formatting that tidies everything up.

Or you have

Which does the same job but for free :)

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