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OS X 10.7 MacMini application registration issue

Jalbkay used Ask the Experts™
G'day All,  for starters; I am a Microsoft Systems Admin and the closest to an Apple OS I have come is my iPhone.  My GM has just bought some 30K worth of software which supports video review of performance (StudioCode) that is Apple only so I have just bought 2 iPad 2, an iMac i7 27" and 4 Mac Mini.  The iMac has OS X 10.6.8 and StudioCode installed and registered without a hitch.  The MacMinis have OS X 10.7; StudioCode installs but when I try to register the software on them I get "You do not have sufficient write privileges to complete this operation.  Please log on as an administrator".  The User is an administrator and appears to have full write access to everything but I'm floundering.  The only StudioCode entries I can find are the actual Studiocode.app in the Applications folder and the manual in The Application Support folder.  Where does it install?  Where are the "Program Files"? Any help, pointers appreciated.
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Welcome to Macs :)

A couple of possibilities. First, are you sure the user who is logging in is an admin on that Mac?  is he logging in as a local Mac user with admin rights or as an AD user?  I've never seen a case where a user who had admin rights on a Mac couldn't do admin things.  There is a Super user (root), but that's typically not something that ever has to be used to do application level things. And that's not changed from 10.6.8 to 10.7.

Second, it's possible that Studio Code isn't totally compatible with 10.7. I looked at their web site briefly and didn't see any warning bells about that, but it may be worth a call to them to check.

The Studio Code app you are seeing in Applications IS the app; that's where it installs. For the most part. OS X installs things very similar to the programs in the old DOS days. With the exception of some preference files, all the guts of an app are installed in a single "package" that lives in the Application folder. There are no registry entries or DLL Hell like you would have under Windows.
Open Disk Utility (found in /Applications/Utilities) and run Repair Permissions.
If that doesn't solve the problem, pull down the Apple Menu to About this Mac. Hit the More Info button. Then hit System Report.

Scroll down to Software in the left column. Then click on the subcategory Applications. It may take a minute or so to populate the right column.

Then find the Studio Code application in the list on the right and click on it. It in the bottom window you should get details about the Studio Code application. The critical one is "Kind". If this shows as PPC or PowerPC instead of Intel, then the version of Studio Code you have is not compatible with OS 10.7 (Lion).


Thanks for the info gents.  User is definitely a local admin, created on the machine for the machine. They're not on the domain so no AD issues.  I ran repair permissions before I posted the question as my googling pointed to that as a solution, no change.  I'll check the system report info on Monday morning but hopefully I'll have a reply from StudioCode too. Will let you know.
By the way, you can find out what the actual permissions are on the Studio Code app (and change them!) by right-clicking on the Studio Code app in the Applications folder and choosing "Get Info" from the contextual menu.

Alternatively, single-click not the app to highlight it and type command-i.


Update:  StudioCode Kind: Universal, 64-Bit: No.  Get Info on Studiocode App Sharing & Permissions listed System and admin (local user logged on) as Read & Write, everyone as Read Only.  I changed everyone to Read & Write but no change to the error.  How does one logon or 'run as' root?  
Here's how to enable root. Be careful as this guy can do everything...and normally there is no reason to do so:



Further Update:  StudioCode got back to me;  There's a known bug that they haven't yet addressed as 10.7 is so recent.  I had to 'get info' on the main drive, go to sharing and permissions, add the local user and grant read & write... who knew :)  Thanks for the advice gents.


Although not the answer required both Experts were on the right track and their comments were quite helpful in my getting my head around this darkside stuff ;)