Outlook 2007 Deleted Calendar Items

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Guys -
Hoping someone can help.  I have a setup where a user has Outlook 2007 and Exchange Server 2003.  On the same computer is an ACT contact management database.  

There is a package called CompanionLink that syncs up data between the Calendar in the ACT database and the Calender in Outlook.  

The problem is that the sync process wiped out the events in the calendar last night during a sync process (in both places) so I'm trying to recover the calendar items that were in Outlook as of yesterday.  

I've tried the Outlook 'Recover Deleted Items' folder, but it appears to be only full of mail items and not calendar items.  Is there anyway to recover this stuff that was on the Outlook calendar yesterday?
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I have tried that, I'm seeing the same mail items only in the 'recover deleted items' area.
Neale WilliamsService Delivery Manager

Do you have a recent backup?
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When checking for deleted calendar items - where you currently IN the calendar itself?
Unless you have the reg-key set, Recover Deleted Items may be greyed out.

Set the DumpsterAlwaysOn reg key:

Check after re-starting outlook to see if you can recover hard-deleted calendar items.

This whole approach assumes you have emabled deleted-item-recovery on the mailbox database.
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM Consultant

Have you tried restoring from a backup of ACT!?

Sadly, this or duplication of activities/contacts is known to happen from time to time with CompanionLink ... especial if Outlook is sync'd with anything else (exchange, phone, Google, etc)

I was surprised how easily I could cause it when I did this:

Just as a possibility... there is way to see if the items are truly gone or just not accessible:
- From your Windows Start menu, choose either Run or go to the Search box...type in actdiag
- When the ACT! Diagnostics tool comes up, click Databases > Database List, find your database, then click to the left of it to highlight
- Right-click on your database, then select Database Reports > Database Structure >Table Recordcounts Reports
- Run this report
- Look for "ENTITY: Activity" and post the small table below it.
I ended up restoring the mailbox from a brick-level backup.  Thanks for the input everyone.

Brian - bdevault@bsidfw.com


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Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM Consultant

To prevent it happening in the future, I'd look to a different solution from CompanionLink
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM Consultant

Quick question ... are you sync'ing to Outlook for corporate reasons or just to get the data onto phones?

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