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Hi all,

      I have an xml as below.

<IssueIdentifier Source="ID">123456</IssueIdentifier>
<IssueIdentifier  Source="SEDOL">2408259</IssueIdentifier>
<IssueIdentifier  Source="BBUNIQUE">EQ0094817300001000</IssueIdentifier>
<IssueIdentifier  Source="BBCMPSEC">948173-1000</IssueIdentifier>
<IssueIdentifier  Source="BBGLOBAL">BBG000BKQS48</IssueIdentifier>
<IssueIdentifier  Source="BBCPTICK">4792423Q US</IssueIdentifier>
<IssueIdentifier  Source="WPK">Prop</IssueIdentifier>
<IssueIdentifier  Source="DST_ID"></IssueIdentifier> </IssueIdentifiers

From the above xml   i need to write an xpath expression   in such a way that

if the Attribute Source="DST_ID" has a null value  or attribute source ="WPK"  has a value of "Prop"  then select  attribute  source = "ID"    value  which would be   123456 as per the example provided..
Thanks for the Help in Advance.
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Try this:
/Issue/IssueIdentifiers[IssueIdentifier[@Source="DST_ID"]="" or IssueIdentifier[@Source="WPK"]="Prop"]/IssueIdentifier[@Source="ID"]

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Yes  it was help ful

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