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Access transfertext macro missing headers

The macro does transfer the query data to a text file as desired (I am using a specification), but, I can't get the header from the query to show up in the text file. Is there a special trick?

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Yes, I've tried HasFieldNames both ways, no luck. If I don't use a spec (just the default delimited format) the field names do appear (quoted and coma separated, which is what I don't want).

The original query is a pass through, which was giving me problems trying to export, so, made a standard query using the passthrough as the source. Exports ok, except missing the headers.

Nothing unusual about the header, no spaces, comas or even underscores. I'll try a really simple query or table just to make sure it works at all.
just tested with simple table using a spec and no headers. I noticed in the spec there isn't anything about headers, but, I did set the macro's transfertext parameter, Has Field Names, to yes.
I'm using access 2007.
I'm stuck now. Could have sworn I've done this before.
well, i got it to work in vba.
I created an export specification and used that, but, the export specification will not show up (or work if I type it in) in the macro.
Maybe it's not possible in a macro?
That's quite possible, considering you're building a the output based on a query, which is itself based on a query that is a passthrough.