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Michael Belletty
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I have a client who I built a new PC for in March 2011.
The hardware is:
Gigabyte Mainboard H55M-D2H
RAm - 4Gb
Hard Drive - 1,000GB Sata
CPU - Intel Core i5-760
Graphics - Nvidia GeFroce GT220
Power Supply - Thermal master 420W
Dvd Burner Drive
The issue is that every so often, maybe once a week, when they go to start the computer up, they push the power button and the fans start but there is nothing on the screen.  It is as though the computer is not booting.  I had a look at it when this issue first came up.  i disconnected the power cord and reconnected, nothing, then I disconnected the HDMI cable and put a VGA cable on and it came up and booted into Windows 7 fine.  i assumed it was a faulty cable.

It worked for a few weeks then did the same thing again.  Press start button, Case starts but no signal to monitor.  I replaced the graphics card, no change.

Disconnected Power cable for a few seconds, no change.
Did it again, the computer starts up.

It seems a very odd issue.

It has done the same thing again the other day.  I am not sure what the issue is, so I have told the client I will replace the entire case for them.

Has anyone else had such a ridiculous issue?

I have also checked the mainboard BIOS and it is up to date!

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It sounds like something in the system is running on the edge of failure, and only fails infrequently.

If anything is overclocked, disable the overclocking.  If BIOS control over memory speed is available, step down from the rated memory speed to the next lower speed.  Then, if the problem persists, and if you can get uninterrupted access to the machine, I would start by running Memtest-86+ on it for a week and see if it throws any errors.

I'm not familiar with that specific mobo but if it happens a gain crack the case and see if an onboard LED is blinking a pattern.  Sometimes they blink a diagnostic code to us that can help diagnose the issue.

The other possibility would be shortage of power, though your PSU looks sufficient based on the other specs.
WakeupSpecialist 1

Check the board for bad caps?  Also try with a replacement power supply?  maybe something a little more robust?  (better brand power supply?)
Antec, Thermaltake, coolermaster....something like those...which are also probably available locally from fry's, best buy, etc....

Also if the electricals of the house that the computer is in is from an older house, and may not have the proper grounding (or three prong plugs etc) is possible that the system is not getting a proper flow of clean electricity.
(Just something to think about).  IE: take the system to your place...or the office or somewhere where the power is test...
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i would look if the power supply can handle the load  :      
or test with another PS

When this happens, have you tried to leave the system powered on and switch from the HDMI cable to the VGA?  I'm wondering if for some weird reason, it's disabling the HDMI output somehow and is actually booting, but because you have no signal on the monitor it seams that the PC is not booting.

Another crazy idea - have you been testing this with the same display the whole time?  Might be an idea to try a different display.
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Surprising for a new system, but from a probability standpoint, it would seem to be a bad power supply or a bad motherboard, and both can show these symptoms if there are bad capacitors in them.  Try a different power supply, and if that doesn't resolve it, I would be inclined to think it is the motherboard.


Funny thing happening now is that I have one other client with exactly the same issue.

Nothing is overclocked, the whole system is stock standard settings.

The only similarities between the two systems are the brand of RAM chips used.  They both have 2 2GB Kingston RAM chips in them.
With the first client I described above, I built a completely new system for them.  I took the new system over to them and low and behold same thing, check cable signal from the monitor, but I could hear the computer starting up (the windows start tune).
So I got another monitor and connected it in, leaving the computer in the state it was and the video came up.  So now I am presuming it is the Monitor.  The monitors for the 2 clients are different though.  Both Samsung models but one is a 23" and one a 22".  
I have put my monitor onto one clients machine for a few days to see how that goes whilst i get another monitor in for them.
now I bought their monitor home and have hooked it up to my PC.  It works fine!!!!!!!!  What The!!!!!!!

I am going to replace both monitors for each client and the RAM chips for the second client to Corsair 2GB chips and see how that one goes!

i think its related to your mother board...... and ram also.......

you can try to remove the ram .... rub it with rubber and then attach it again.......... if the mother board is o.k. then it will be the issue
Top Expert 2013

test with another power supply -  easy and quick - before changing motherboards

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