dos program in server 2008 foundation

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we have some old dos programs which we need to continue running for a while.
do you think that they will run in server 2008?

it is a propietary accounting  \ bookkeeping program called Libra.  i am hoping to just copy the folders, and bring them into this new ststem of server 2008...

and thoughts  or comments appreciated.
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As I understand things, you can't directly run a DOS program on Windows 2008 R2 Foundation because that OS is 64 bit, and Microsoft dropped support for 16 bit applications. If you only store the files on the server and you run them on 32 bit workstations, that should be okay.

Otherwise you can run the software in a VM running an older OS, or keep your old server around.
If you plan to run Windows 2008 x64 or 2008 R2 (64bit only) you won't be able to run your DOS app.

My company has an old DOS MRP app we currenly run on Windows 2008 32bit without many problems. The main thing we've experienced is Windows Vista/7 clients mapping LPT ports with "net use lpt<1/2/3> \\host\share" to a 2008 server.

Performing that command from a Windows XP workstation to a 2008 server works perfectly, as does mapping a Vista/7 workstation to a 2003 server or XP workstation.

We recently discovered that if the print server OS was >= Vista (i.e. Vista/2008/7), the user performing the mapping needs to be a member of the local Print Operators group on the host sharing the printer. We're still investigating whether this fix can be achieved with group policy, rather than manually updating each server, but I would expect it should be possible.


thanks guys....

simplist approach... keeping the old server i a good answer... and remoting into it...

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