HP StorageWorks 500 G2 Modular Smart Array with print server

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Please I have two HP servers G3 585 and I have HP Storage Works 500 G2 Modular Smart Array with SCSI connection. I connect the storage to both server VIA SCSI cable and I install windows server 2008 enterprise addition R2 on both servers. I try to setup print server failover cluster. My problem is that when I try to setup the cluster they did not find my storage and I get message that there is no suitable drive.
In my computer I see storage and I can enter to all drive in storage ( I made five drive in storage) both server can see the five drive in storage but when I try to setup cluster I get the message that no suitable drive

Please any idea how I can solve this. is there any configuration I must do it to connect SCSI storage to server so that the cluster can see the storage

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Senior Security and Infrastructure Engineer
I'm not familiar with that storage, it's not parallel SCSI is it?
If so it won't work: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947710
As per that KB article you need SAS, iSCSI or Fibre Channel storage to cluster.
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It is indeed parallel SCSI host connect (although it isn't a shared bus) so as per above you either have to buy new kit or downgrade to Windows 2003 server. You should have downgrade rights with your current licenses.
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure Engineer
Another alternative if you're really strapped for cash would be to use a third server as an iSCSI target and connect the array to that. Depends what you want to mitigate against by clustering though.
or there are various linux-based solutions around too (e.g. FreeNAS, OpenFiler)
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One further option but it's too expensive probably is to convert the MSA500 into a MSA1000 which has fibre channel host connectivity.

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