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I am performing some server analysis over around 130 servers. I am looking for a simple method to identify and represent the interconnections between the servers and external systems. I have run a netstat across all the servers using psexec, however collating formatting and presenting the information is proving time consuming and lacks effectiveness.
Does anyone know of a good method, or tool to collect connections information from Windows Servers in an enterprise, and representing that information in a Map (ideally in visio)
Also, I am trying to do a similar report on the users who are connecting to these servers so I can establish which systems, and users are authenticating on the servers. I can use the sysinternals tool to query the Security log, however again it is very time-consuming to undertake.
Any ideas greatly appreciated…
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you are looking for some sort of enterprise inventory discovery and mapping tools, and there are a number of this kind of commercial solutions available on the market. it really depends on your particular requirements and budgets to choose.

The Codima Toolbox is an example.


additionally, some product add-ons may also do this discovery partially. e.g. Microsoft Visio Enterprise Network Tools 2002, though it seems MS has removed the official add-on from the latest version of Visio 2010.

Using Network AutoDiscovery and Layout with Diagram Kits
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It's a bit of a hack but you can install the Link Layer Topology Discovery stuff on Server 2003, then they'll show up in a network map on a Vista/7 machine, see http://www.petri.co.il/installing-link-layer-topology-discovery-on-windows-server-2003.htm
What you're asking for is not really technically feasible, there is network communication going on all the time between computers, but it's not necessarily users that are initiating it, e.g. automatic updates, computer browser, DHCP, DNS etc. Your map would be a mess.
YOU need to know what should be talking to what, and if you care that much, segregating your network such that things YOU KNOW should not and do not need to talk to each other are prevented from doing so.
i think you need a monitoring tool for your server,first you shold open snmp on your servers then you can install nms product like solar wind

For the configuration SNMP on windows server 2008, you can refer to the following articles:

Simple Network Management Protocol

TCP/IP Fundamentals for Microsoft Windows

Hope this helps.

for nms you can choose one product of solar wind

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you might want to look at spiceworks http://www.spiceworks.com

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