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HKFuey used Ask the Experts™
We have ACT version 11 and when a remote user tries to synchronise it seems to freeze on database modifications.
Can anyone help?
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Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM Consultant

By ACT! version 11 - do you mean 2011 (13.x) or 2009 (11.x)?
Can you check that all systems are the same build (in Help | About) - including the Network/Internet sync server if Premium. What build are they?
Do you have multiple remotes? If so, do they all freeze?
Are you using Application sync or one of the sync servers (Premium only)?
If you leave it, do you get an error - what error?

In ACT!:
Tools | Synchronisation Panel | View sync Log
Any errors show there? Check Publisher and Remote

Can you download ACTDIAG v14 from (at the bottom)
Run it from the Desktop
Databases | Database List
Select the Database
Actions | Database Reports | Sync Reports
Any errors show there? Check Publisher and Remote

Also, for future reference, there is an ACT! Zone here on EE:


Thanks GLcomputing, I will try the utility after I get back from holiday on 18th August  

I have attached the help/about screen     About
Act! Evangelist - CRM Consultant
I would also apply service pack 1 (to 11.1) and Hotfix 4 as soon as possible:

Many of the fixes relate to sync

Note: ALL systems sharing the database (Lan, sync and Sync Server) need to be on the same build... so plan when you can do this and backup first


Have accepted this answer as sales team are not all in until 15th September.

Will raise another question if still having problems.


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