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Windows storage server 2003 on ESX

Panda 5888
Panda 5888 used Ask the Experts™

Anyone know if Microsoft Windows Storage server 2003 is supported by Microsoft of I move it into ESX 4.1?
I have a pair of Windows Storage server 2003 on Microsoft cluster, I'm thinking of moving it into vSphere 4.1, so I can free up the pair of servers for other use.

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Hi Dan,

It is supported on ESX 4.1 as actually the OS is just Server 2003 with some rebranding a few hotfixes. Unfortunately the issue here is with licensing as Storage Server is OEM licensed to the box you buy it on, it isn't available as a retail purchase and therefore doesn't have the same rights for moving to another server, be it physical or virtual.

Panda 5888Engineer