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I have a very crazy problem and I hope that someone can help because I've looked everywhere and can't solve the problem.

1. Our office currently has seven networked computers all XP.
2. We use outlook express and import the wab (windows address book) that is taken care of one person but can be accessed by all on the file server. Also when we import the wab it keeps all the groups.
3. This works great for us and everyone is happy.

1. Computers have to be replaced and now we have a situation where little by little there are those on windows 7 and those on XP.
2. Windows 7 doesn't have outlook express and doesn't recognize the wab file.
3. Now, I know about exporting wab as a csv file and then importing to OUTLOOK but it doesn't keep the groups which is really important to us.

My suggestion
1. Is that we all go over to OUTLOOK 2007.
2. Problem is, we don't know how to share the address book in 2007 so that we all make changes to a main file as necessary and we can all import it so that we have the most up to date information.

Please help me!!!!
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I've not tried it myself but there are third party (paid for) apps out there that might do what you want.  eg http://www.pcvare.com/import-wab-into-outlook.html 
Thanks, but we need to get rid of the wab file completely as windows 7 doesn't recognize it.
I need a way to get us all over to outlook 2007
Again, not free but this app might help.  http://www.publicshareware.co.uk/public-share-outlook-description.php

Looks like it lets you share a PST file over the network.  You could have the contacts within that.
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I will give it a try on Monday when i get back to the office.
Is there any way to export the PST file and then share it?
Another app, you would need the Pro version as it's only freeware up to 4 clients http://www.vaita.com/osasync.asp 

you could possibly share one persons contacts with other Outlook users.
Only one person has to keep up with the contact list.

Additionally you can send the contact/list to others and they can add/import to their own Outlook.

ps... you can send/email contact lists/groups as well...

pss... calendar sharing is pretty nice too in outlook if you utilize that feature.

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