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I have recently bought Delphi XE.  I got 3 DVD-s ("Delphi XE Media Kit") with other stuff as well.  I got Delphi running, but when I press F1 for help, I get the message:

RAD Studio's help namespace is not defined.  Please reinstall RAD Studio's documentation.
Class not registered, ClassID:

Where / how do I install the help?

( The three DVD-s are
Delphi Prism,
Delphi: C builder XE, and
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Did u install the documentation/help files ?  Its a messy and not very helpful part of delphi I'm afraid.. In fact, popping up ur fav browser and google whatever u need help with is usually a better choice.

But that is astraying abit .. ur q was how to  get it working, I believe a re-install and make sure the help is included .....
Ephraim WangoyaSoftware Engineer


just re-install the documentation
i would assume its on the "Delphi: C builder XE", usually while installing there is a check-box to include the help files, i don't have XE so i cant be sure, but put the CD in and start re-installing, there should be a 'modify instillation' choice, then pretend like your installing it again but look for the help files option somewhere.
once again, I could be totally wrong because I don't have Delphi XE.

Good, then all 3 of us are agreeing that it is so ;)


There is a separate button on the setup screen (not an option included under the Delphi install option).

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