Outlook Express and Symantec Desktop Laptop Option (DLO)

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Symantec Backup Exec 2010 Version 13.0
Win 2008 std. SP2 32 bit / Domain
POP3 mailboxes from ISP (no IMAP as far as I know).
No Exchange
10-30 workstations

Unfortunatelly there are plenty of Outlook Express workstations. WS OSs are from XP pro to Win7 64 bit.

1. Can i use DLO to backup Outlook Express?
2. Do I have to backup any spesific folders, which?
3. Will there be any incremental system involved?
4. Will it make sence to backup Outlook Express via DLO?
5. For pst files the DLO should work fine


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If I am understanding you correctly you want to use DLO to backup your outlook express on each WS.

if so you can use DLO but would need to load the agent on each machine which means licensing which isn't very cost effective.
A better option could be to create roaming profile for the users and then back up off the server, this way you know that you won;y have a problem with user switching off the WS. We moved the home folder of Outlook express to the my documents folder, for each user, which worked really well with roaming profiles.  

Now we have a single location for all mail files as well.

let me know if this helps or if there is something else I can help with?


Thanks David

Each user logs on typically only one PC or laptop.

"A better option could be to create roaming profile for the users and then back up off the server"
Do you mean classic Windows roaming profile?

"We moved the home folder of Outlook express to the my documents folder"
This seems simplify creating DLO profiles. Does DLO really manage all OE files?

I just disccussed with the customer and their main goal is only to take care for few laptops. It means that my plan to implement DLO organisation widely won't happen at this point. I suppose that with them the top concern is to how to avoid reinstalling OS. They have plenty of CAD WSs and it takes a great effort to reinstall one CAD workstation.

I send this question before I heard customer's point of view. Can you please kindly comment questions above and I'll close the question.

Rgs, Juha

It sounds like you are really needing a full machine backup, Symantec offers a solution like like free with their antivirus package designed specifically to be to restore an OS on any hardware, we haven't played with the solution as yet but it is available.

if you aren't running Symantec anti virus then look at something like Norton's ghost and have copies of the machines and then just a matter of backing up the incremental data changes. DLO will take care of this for you.

I hope this helps




Since the customer doesn't have Symantec AV at this point the customer will have only Win7 image backups.

Thank you for pointing me ways to handel Outlook Express data files as well as Symantec System Recovery.

Rgs, Juha

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