Recover sharepoint site off a hard drive from a failed server.

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Hi, I HAD a windows SBS server 2011 which developed a fault on the motherboard and died to death. I have built myself another server and installed exactly the same copy of SBS 2011, everything is great.

I still have the old hard drive with the complete directory structure including INetPub.  Is there any way of getting the site from the old drive into my new system?

Initally I am obviosuly looking to avoid building the site again. If I have to rebuild it then so be it but if this is the only option is there any way I can recover the the documents stored in the site?

Thanks in advance.

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If the drive is readable you should be able to connect using a usb adapter, or dock, have them reasonable.

Then copy the files across, you would need to set the site up initially but once up the files should be able to be copied in.


Not that simple I am afraid, I have already have the drive connected into the server and it is readable, I am asking how to extract the site data from the old drive onto my new installation and by site data I mean preferably the whole site if not how do I get the docuements that were stored in the old site?

I am hoping for an answer somewhere along the line of find your site folder in "F:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\" and copy the contents to you new system and open it as a new site. Or somthing like that.
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sharepoint data is stored in SQL databases, so you need to copy over the mdf and ldf files.  

sharepoint on the new server needs to be at the same patch & service pack level as the old server.

attach the database files to the new SQL instance.  then configure sharepoint to use them.
see here for the steps:

or, you can use a tool like Database Exporter to export the data out of your old database files (but you need to attach those files to a SQL instance first).
(the link says 2003, but it works with 2007 and 2010)

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