Modem stops automatically receiving Faxes over long periods of inactivity

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We have the following USB Fax plugged into our SBS 2003 Server:

Agere Systems USB 2.0 Soft Modem
Driver Version -
Modem speed - 9600
Power Saving is off on the modem and the USB ports

They also have a All in one printer which has a fax setup to send but not receive.

The modem automatically receives the fax and forwards it onto a Fax Mailbox.

Every morning or long period of time the modem stops automatically receiving faxes and the AIO Printer rings and rings. We have to "Answer now" on the Fax Monitor, the fax comes through as normal and hits the fax mailbox as normal.

Once we have manually received a fax once, the modem automatically picks up the other calls. But this just happens again the following morning.

We have tried power saving. Changing Modem speeds. Uninstalled and reinstalled several different drivers. Still having the same issue.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Does server reboot every night?


Afraid not. There are two scheduled tasks over night - Several Backups and Encryption unlock
James MurrellProduct Specialist

when you log out and login back in again does that work... we had this with a printer a while back, so we wrote a script to logout and back in again and everything is OK since then

Hope this helps if not sorry
Stupid question, but have you tried simply swapping out the modem and trying a different one? If it's a defective card, it may act erratic.

As modems are very inexpensive, I would try this and see if it doesn't resolve your problem. You mention that you had tried different drivers, just wanted to advise something you maybe hadn't considered. No offense taken, so please take it for what it is.

Good luck!

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