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Ive designed a report which runs each day via our Business Objects server. Ive been asked to name the file with the previous days daye in the title so it would ready like this


Is there a way in Business Objects to do this?

Ive noticed in the box where i type the what I want the file name to be is adds %ext% at the end which deals with the extension of the file. Would it be possible to add the date using something like %dateyyyymmdd% or something like that, is this type of thing supported?

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I am not sure you can do this in cr 11.5  I know you can do it with a tp product called report commander. RC allows you to schedule reports and e-mail or store them in various formats and with various naming  nomenclature
Not familiar with RC, but InfoBurst is another tp app that allows you to do this. When something is a major selling point for more than one tp app it is a fair assumption that the central app can't do it.
You could also look at event-level scripting in windows. Schedule the file to a location and write an event based script that renames it as you want, saves it elsewhere, then deletes the original file.
Ido MilletProfessor Emeritus of MIS at Penn State Erie and Owner, Millet Software

You can see a list of 3rd-party Crystal desktop schedulers at
At least one of them allows you to use Crystal fields or formulas to name exported file names (and even folders).
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I guess it doesn't make sense to buy new tool just for one report. On Ken's site you can find feature matrix file for desktop schedulers:
There are 2 free schedulers.

If you need to export the data to a csv file you don't need to use crystal reports to do this. You may export the data from ad hoc query. It will be faster because crystal components will be not used.
If this works you may check tools that exports ad hoc queries. One I know is Report Genie:
But I never used it  and I don't know if it can schedule the queries.

Some of the schedulers in the feature matrix pdf can work with ad hoc queries too.
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vasto -
Did you put the comment in the wrong question?
the OP is trying to name his output file from BOE to include the date of the run.

Since I don't think BOE supports that he has to either get a different scheduling tool that does that or come up with another method.  

He never even mentions ad hoc queries.  

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Sorry mlmcc, I had to explain this better.

The example daiwhyte gave is for CustomerExtract_yyyymmdd.csv file.  Export from Crystal reports will make sense just if the data should be formatted in specific way (fonts, colors, pictures etc).  Since csv file doesn't keep information about formatting, creating crystal report and using it to export to csv file will be an overkill.

Report genie is a tool that can work with ad hoc queries. I didn't use it, and I am not sure it is able to schedule reports. Just trying to give an idea for the options.  

daiwhyte I checked some of your other questions and it looks like you are using SQLServer . Do you have license for SSIS ?
You can check also this thread, how to export sql script result to a csv file:

P.S. BTW the free schedulers in the feature matrix pdf on Ken's website are 3 (not 2 as I said in my previous post)


Thank you for all your suggestions, a combination of all your suggestions has giiven me a way forward.

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