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jwplayer onIdle function

Hello experts,

i am using the jwplayer in html5 for mobile devices.
i need to popup a window when the user click pause (onIdle).

i have this piece of code as an alert example on-idle
'onIdle': function(event) {
alert('the new volume is: '+event.volume);
i need to replace the alert example with a window popup.
the popup is basically an html form for the user to fill in.
any script to popup a window will be great....

only if its possible, i am using a popup script on another page and it will be great if i can integrate it
this popup script i am using in the document.ready JS
 $("#click").bind('click', function(){
      $("#div_to_popup").bPopup({modal:false, loadUrl:'formmobile.php'});       
      return false

if there is a way to integrate it to the "'onIdle': function(event) {" great! if not, again any popup window where i can put HTML in would be great too.

thanks guys!
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thank you!