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Splitting roles from old Microsoft 2003 between 2003 server and new 2008 server

We currently have a single Windows 2003 server (standard) which also runs exchange. To be honest the storage of 500Gb is bulging at the seams and we need to do something about it.

What we hoped to do, was add a new Windows 2008 (standard) server, and use this for storage only, (file and print services) whilst keeping the old 2003 server for exchange only.

What are the implications of doing this? Do we run DCPROMO and demote the old server after installing the new server. How will having 2 servers on the same network both being a domain controller (even if for a short period only) affect things.

When we install the new server, do we give it the same domain name even, or do we need to give it anew domain name before data migration.

As you can see, I am a little confused about how to actually proceed, so any information would be welcome.

I have seen a Microsoft Migration document before, in fact I have actually carried this out with SBS 2003 to SBS2008, and it was a nightmare! I seem to recall it was very scant on information regarding naming conventions, so I thought I should be totally familiar with what to do with this, to avoid significant down time.

The difference here though, is that we need both servers operational, and ideally, I presume that we can have the new one as the DC and th old one as the BDC. Is that correct?

Any advice gratefully received.

Many thanks.
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