access 2007, i need time as well as date to appear

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hi all,

very simply DB in the making here.

ive got a few date/time columns. what i need is for when the date picker appears and i select a date i also need the currect time to be automatically inserted.

so the end result should be:

05/08/2011 11:35

i'm sure this is simple to do but i cant see where abouts to do it. thanks
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I did this in the past by:
Go to the design of the table.
Select the field thats set as date/time.
In general settings for the field select format and set it to the format you like.
You CAN't select the standard format, dont work for some reason.
But you could just write: dd-mm-yyyy hh:nn
How in what format you like it in!



thanks for getting back. my problem is here:

if i select general, it looks good in the options but it doesnt aoppear that way in the actual column.

all the other options are only date or time - not date & time together.

seems strange to me.

Yes excatly, you can't select the "general date", for some reason it just dosent show correctly.
So therefore simply type the format you want: dd/mm/yyyy hh:nn
This works correctly.
 Setup in access how it looks
(Sorry, mine is in danish, but i think you get the point)


oh yes of course.

thanks so much. worked perfectly

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