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Robocopy incremental backup job

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i want to make backupjobs (incremental) with robocopy but i dont know how to do it.

Could you please help me with it?

we want to make a full backup every week and incrementals every day.

okay fullbackups is easy:
source destination /MIR

but incrementals i really dont know how to make it.

could somebody help me?

Many Thanks + rgds,
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jfletchsterIT Manager

Robocopy by default does incremental copy when it back's up. However i am asuming you mean histrorical backup.
There is no built in functionality in robocopy to do this you would need to use a 3rd party product that functions in a simular way but keeps a history such as Backup Assist.
Alternativly... Its not pretty of very efficent... but you could create a robocopy job for each day/week that you want to backup and have a diff destination folder for each.
          >Week 1
          > etc.

Then you could schedual the backups for each date. However you would require a large amount of disk space as each one would be a full copy of the data.
Top Expert 2011
If you want real incremental backups you need to look for a third party product or depending on your OS use the built in backup tool.

Robocopy when using the /MIR switch does nothing more or less than copy the changed files, but does not keep the previous version. Also when you remove a file from the original location robocopy will also remove it from the backup location.
Another thing is if files are in use, robocopy will just skip them. So if you want a good backup from your data look for a real backup program.


Many thanks for your informations guys.