good learing platform for BASH and server functions of Linux

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I see a lot of flavors of linux, but don't know which would be a good learning platform learning bash and some server functions..

Can you suggest?

Red Hat
or what???
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Debian, Or Red Hat


I know a wee bit about linux, So forgive my ignorance>

The terminal commands are consistent in all linux flavors, yah?

So Debian / Redhat offer server plugins, like DNS and an Active Direcotry or LDAP above and beyond Ubuntu?

I guess I am asking why Debian or Red Hat would be your choice for the learning platform.
Pretty much with every flavour of linux you can install the server components if they are not already installed using the package manager.

Personally I would suggest using a Live CD, that way, if you make a change that trashes the system there is little harm done in that you can just re-boot and you are back to a "vanilla" build.

There is a good list here

The flavour of linux you wish to use also depends upon the end use, some offer themselves to be more server orientated than others.

Regarding command line syntax, yes the commands vary little between them all.


Thanks guys. I may have a job coming up that requires Linux knowledge. So, I have to learn fast.
the difference debian and redhat between are for the most the package configuration.
debian,ubuntu,... use apt-get (aptitude)
redhat,centos,fedora use yum

both distribution are very good fyi centos is the free copy of redhat.
i think the best distribution will be the one where you get the most information

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