Counterfeit MS Windows XP License?

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I have a client with three Windows XP Pro computers:


These are the names of the computers not what they are. All 3 are running Windows XP Pro. The server and laptop can't get windows updates because it is failing the Genuine Windows Validation check. The computers are usable, no other signs that there is a problem.

The previous tech who setup his LAN is no where to be found. I checked the Keycodes on the Server and Desktop and they are both different. Remember the Desktop is OK and is up to date with windows patches.

I ran :
regsvr32 %windir%\system32\licdll.dll
regsvr32 %windir%\system32\licwmi.dll

and both ran successfully, but I am still getting the error when I am trying to run windows updates.

How can I find of if indeed these licenses are bogus and do I have to purchase new OEM keycodes for windows XP Pro to resolve the issues or is there another way around this?

thanks in advance.
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You can contact Microsoft Licensing to determine the status of a particular license key.

When you say you checked, did you check the OEM key on the side of the box or you checked the key that is actually being used (like with with a keyfinder tool?).

I would use something like Magic Jellybean Keyfinder to locate the key that the install is actually using.

It's possible to change the key if you have a real one but a bogus one is currently in use so let me know.
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Most OEM installs will NOT return the CoA Key when using MagicalJellyBean because that is not usually the key used to install the system.

You quickest check will be to look at the Product ID (in System Properties > General Tab) The first two blocks of characters will indentify if the system installed matches the activation process used.

Check the Lunasoft article in this link

Chances are someone has installed a version of XP which does not match the activation process and it is this disparity that is being detected.

If the installed version and activation process match then there's another tool from M$ that will help determine what the Update site is complaining about but let's start with the most likely causes first.
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Hey, isn't this the same question you asked here:

Please don't open multiple versions of the same question as:

1) You'll divide the number of experts helping you as they'll miss what has already been suggested

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Masqueraid, yes this is the same question. This issue has stressed me out so much (which I know it shouldn't) that I inadvertently posted it again not remembering the first one.

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