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Which client mail software can i use to connect to our exchange server?

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We've fot 1 pc on our domain that runs Entourage 2008 on a Apple(always one guy that wants too be different!).Entourage 2008 Student version can't connect to our Exchange server.I ve read some discussion forums and it looks like i'm out of luck concerning this issue.Any other alternatives than getting a Entourage version that does connect to our Exchange server?
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Can the person not access Exchange webmail?

You can make the users mailbox available over IMAP or POP3 and then configure Entourage to connect as it would to other services. You would lose some functionality such as push-email and proper syncing but the user can use Entourage for mail.

Otherwise, as akitsupport has said, use Outlook Web Access.

You can check with any of the available mail client. You need to check the protocols that can be used and whether those are enabled from the server side.

You can also check the webaccess to your mail from any browser.
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.

What version of Exchange are you running?  

What version of the Mac OS do you have?


To nappy d:

Exchange Server 2003

MAC OS X 10.5.8

To all the other commenters:
OWA will only temporarily resolve the problem.This guy needs to get his mail onto a client mail program - Anything that can connect to Exchange server and download his emails
You could possibly try Mozilla Thunderbird?

There are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.
Your best choice is to enable IMAP on your Exchange host and configure iCal to use IMAP and connect to your Exchange server.  

!!NOTE!! MAKE sure that when you enable SMTP that you enable authenticated SMTP and authenticated SMTP relay our you will open yourself to becoming a spam host.