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SBS 2003 Sharepoint on Server 2008

daburner used Ask the Experts™
Hello All - I ran across a situation where a new client running Server 2008 would like to be able to use his old sharepoint information from an SBS 2003 installation.  I do have a complete backup of the entire sbs installation and have verified the backup to be complete.  I tried to restore the sbs installation so I could export it but ran into a "computer disk hardware configuration problem".  I have run into this error previously and the cause was the disk I was trying to restore to was not large enough.  This is not the case this time around as I am trying to restore to a 2tb drive and the total size of recovery is only 66gb.  I found one document that may indicate the original sever to be a dell poweredge 840 with a 480 GB RAID 5 with a Pentium D board.

Is there a way I can install Sharepoint on the Server 2008 box and then import the companyweb data from the sbs backup.  I'm not sure how to proceed.  

Thanks in advance for all your help.
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i meant Pentium D processor.  I don't know the board type and I don't have the service tag number either.
Microsoft Systems Admin
Can you get to the SQL Express/Windows Internal Database of the old box?

You can install WSS 30 on the new 2008 box and attached your old content database via stsadm