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I am using a workflow to send out a minutes note from a meeting but I need the title of the emails to be a combination of values.

Subject Line
"Minutes for Opportunity: " + OpportunityID from current Item
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I think you can do this with SharePoint Designer.  You only need to create a string variable which combines the text and the ID, and then use that variable as the subject line for the e-mail to be sent.
Create a dynamic string variable in the designer by setting:
In the Action Settings of the Set Subject to Variable:New Subject, set
Source: Meetings,
Lookup Field1 type:  Minutes of Opp
Value: click formula button for Current Minutes of Opportunity. Thereafter, add another one
Source: Meetings,
Lookup Field2 type:  Opportunity Id
Value: click formula button for Current Opportunity Id
so, finally say in the subject line of the email, edit the dynamic string to look like [%Meetings:Current MinutesOfOpp%]+[%Meetings:Current OpportunityID%]

For more click on 1. How to set SPD2010 workflow variable in SPD2010workflowDynamics

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