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Oki CLP 3520_4520

Vampireofdarkness used Ask the Experts™
I have installed the drivers for this printer, based on the drivers sent by Oki's tech support; however, I'm receiving an error every time I attempt to print. "Could not connect printer to LPR port."

It is set up to use RAW 9100, as was used previously.

I also cannot, for the life of me, find the 32-bit drivers, but that's another story.
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A CLP 3520 doesn't sound like an Oki Printer.  It sounds like a Samsung or Utax.  Here's a listing for the Utax CLP 3520 32bit:

PCL5 / Classic Post Script / KX Universal PCL

These are all Windows 7 32 bit.  If you need vista or something else you can go to the Utax driver page here.

Now if you have an okidata it sounds like it should be the C3520 not CLP 3520.  Here is the page for the C3520 driver downloads. Okidata C3520 MFP

Now maybe I'm way off base with this but that's just my 2 cents.  Good Luck HTH.


After much messing around, I can confirm it is actually a UTAX CLP 3520, despite it saying Oki CLP3520_4520 on the stickers and branding.

I have now installed the universal driver, confirmed both x64 and x86 are listed. Server 2008 R2 can connect fine (x64), Win 7 Pro 32-bit can connect fine. Win XP 32-bit does not connect. No drivers listed. The drivers are listed in the extracted folders as Win XP and newer. These are SP1/SP2/SP3 machines, all due to be SP3 eventually.
Here are the XP drivers:

Classic Post Script / KX Universal PCL

They don't have a PCL 5 for XP on the UTAX website.


The KX Universal is the driver I used. It works fine on Server 2008 R2 (64) and Win 7 Pro (32). One thing I did mean to check, but am no longer on-site is my laptop.

The customer's XP machines are loaded with RM software, which I fear may be restricting installation. Not a fan of RM.
If you're getting a message about LPR, that probably means you're not using port 9100. To check (and correct) go to printer Properties. Click the Ports tab and then the Configure Port button. Make sure that the RAW button is ticked.


RAW 9100 was definitely checked, as per my question. As per my update above it actually isn't an Oki printer at all, despite the branding being Oki. It's a UTAX.

As above, the Universal driver works fine for Server 2008 R2 (64) and Win 7 Pro (32). It does not work for XP Pro (32) and when connecting via the server, it says no drivers found for this machine/OS.
"no drivers found" is a different problem to "Could not connect printer to LPR port" As you said, that's another story.

To fix the LPR issue you could try deleting the port and recreating it. First select a different port for the printer (e.g. LPT1). Then delete the port and create a new one.

The Oki link kadafitcd gave has drivers for XP, but here's a direct link to the C3520 XP driver:



Ok. As it isn't an Oki, it's a UTAX, and the issue is no longer about LPR because I had the wrong printer model I'll close this and award to kadafitcd. A new question will be opened later for the new issue/