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Internet pages load slow and downloads stop at 99%

Leee211 used Ask the Experts™
I've had a similar problem before and I'm not really sure what the solution was although I think it MIGHT have something to do with ESET security software (firewall and antivirus).  All my web pages are very slow to load, some sites like Yahoo mail is extremely slow.  Plus any download I try from any site, will always stop at 99%.  This includes trying to transfer/download files from my wireless LAN network (files from my laptop to main PC), they will also stop downloading right before they are completed.

I've tried disabling ESET, this does not help the page load time, and it SOMETIMES allows the files to be completely downloaded, but not all the time.
I've run a virus scan,  malware scan,  ran chkdsk, and defragged my hard drive.

Finally,  the other three computers/laptops running from the same router are not experiencing any problems at all.

Thanks for any assistance!

Here are my specs:
AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0GHz
8GB (4x2GB) PC10600 DDR3 1333 Dual Channel
ATI Radeon HD 5850

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Running ESET Smart Security version 4.0.467.0
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Put the computer in clean boot mode and then browse website

Clean boot process

Start-type - msconfig- click on startup tab- click disable all...then click services tab- put a check on hide all microsoft services ...and then click disable all....click ok and then restart the computer in normal mode.

If everything works fine in clean boot then enable five startup items and services at a time to find the faulty software.


Can also try this fixit.


Reboot after running this fiixit.



Okay thanks, I'll give those suggestions a try.

Oh and I should also mention that I use Firefox (not sure if that makes a difference)  but IE also has the same problems, so I don't think it's related to any one specific browser.

First try clean boot.



Okay so far I have confirmed that booting in "Safe Mode with Networking" makes a HUGE difference.  Web pages load instantly.  And all downloads load normally.  I then tried rebooting only using the bare minimum of programs at startup, things that I think are necessary (or needed) for normal functions which are:
Windows Operating System
Printer Drivers (which isn't necessary, but needed and they have never caused a problem before)
ESET Smart Security
Roboform (again, never any problems with that)
and UltraMon, the utility that allows for dual screen operations (again, never a problem)

Also I noticed while in safe mode there are a LOT of Microsoft or Windows Services that are stopped, it would take a very long time to go through every one of those to determine if it is the problem.

So I guess I'll start from scratch again, and disable everything on startup and restart one at a time.

But as I said, the difference in browsing and downloading speed is amazing while in safe mode.  So the problem is in there someone, I guess it's a matter of finding it.

I'm not sure if I should close this question, ded9 did offer the correct path of checking for the problem, but technically the problem isn't totally solved.  Any suggestions from the Experts whether or not I should keep this question open?

You have to do clean boot to find out the problem..just disabling startup wont help....follow the steps mentioned in the previous post.

Can also try uninstalling eset ...reboot and then check browsing....u cannot disable any AV as it runs in the background.



Okay sorry, I mistook you saying Clean Boot Mode for meaning Safe Mode.  I didn't realize there was a difference. Are you saying I need to boot from a boot disc and not the hard drive?

And please don't think I being argumentative or ungrateful, but it seems to me that while I have booted up in Safe Mode with Networking, and have found the problem fixed in that mode, I can assume that one of the items that I have checked in Startup or Services (as you suggested) seems to be the problem.

So I took it from there and was going to try turning on one startup process and service at a time (again as I thought you suggested to do)

But I have run into a new problem now.  After I have booted in Safe Mode and unchecked all the non-Microsoft processes, then rebooted into Normal Mode, the computer will not connect to the Internet (and I made sure I did not disable any Microsoft or Windows processes.)   Is there something else in the startup process or services list that I need to look for in order for my Internet connection to work.

I've noticed in the past sometimes if I turn off ESET and do not have Windows Defender or Firewall running either, the Internet connection will disable itself.  Is that some kind of Windows safety feature?

And I HAVE disabled ESET from running during the startup process.  It is not running, not even in the backround.

Thanks again for your help, it's much appreciated.
You might be using a wireless software to connect to your home router...i mean the WiFi software..so when u do clean boot the wireless software is getting disabled...make sure u enable wireless service while doing clean boot...disable the reset non microsoft software.

What i would recommend is uninstall eset and then reboot the computer...check how internet works.



I uninstalled ESET (along with several other programs I don't use anymore) and everything seems to be working much better.  The web pages load quickly and the downloads complete right away.  I turned on Windows Defender but it's still giving me an alert to find an anti-virus program.

So I guess I'll do that, and close this question with many thanks to ded9 for his help.