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DFS on Server 2003 domain

We used to have a server holding a DFS Namespace, that server his died and cannot be retrieved so I set-up a new server and would like to re-use that same namespace but on a different server.
I can't delete the old namespace, and if I try to set up the new server I get an error saying the name already exists.

Any ideas on how i can sort this out?
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When you say you cannot delete it, does it give you an error, or you do not want to delete it?

Because if it is gone you can delete it and the rename the new server to that old server without any issues.

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Yeah from my MMC DFS management, the namespace in question has a red cross next to it and all i can do is remove it from the list. I cannot delete it. On the new server, i have named it the same as the old but if i try to create the namespace on it with the original namespace i get an error message saying the namespace already exists.
you can use dfsutil, this tool included on windows 2003 support tools package
using this syntax to remove root namespace

for domain base
dfsutil /RemFTRoot: dfsRootName /server: dfsServerName /share: dfsShareName

for standalone server
dfsutil /RemStdRoot: dfsRootName /server: dfsServerName /share: dfsShareName

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I've just tried the dfsutil and get error 1722 RPC Server unavailable after typing the command.
Pretty much the same problem as when i try to delete it through the MMC GUI.

Have deleted all traces of this server in your AD and DNS entries then update server data?
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Well the new server has the old FQDN and IP address so everything resolves back to the new server.
Take a look at

You are most likely going to have to go into adsiedit to CN=Dfs-Configuration,CN=System,DC=<domain DN> and remove the old configuration data from AD
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Is the namespace server based or domain based?  You should be using a domain based namespace, which allows you to host it on multiple domain controllers. If it is domain based, you should be able to just add the new DC as a host for the namespace, and then remove the old server as a host.
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It is a domain based namespace, and the new server being added isn't a DC.
I can't seem to join the new server onto the namespace because when I "Show Root" i can't select the namespace in question because "The RPC server is unavailable"

I also don't seem to be able to use the adsiedit, we have multiple namespace and don't want any other roots to go. This tool looks like it'll remove them all. (I'm not at all knowledgeable on this so any guidance would be appreciated)
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