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UNC Path to Shared Folder on Server 2003 refers to a location that is unavailable

We have an application that uses a shared folder accessed via unc path to the Server.

It is shared as \\Exactserver\EXACResources.

If we try to access the unc path to \\Exactserver\EXACTResouces, it errors with "refers to a location that is unavailable"

Yet if we use the IP address we can access the folder i.e \\\EXACTResources or if we MAP the Folder as a Mapped Drive we can access the folder.

It is a Windows Server 2003, with and XP Client although it is not on a Domain simply accessing the data across a Workgroup.
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Disable any secondary network cards.

Points to a NetBios issue
try to ping Exactserver with computer name, if its can resolve then netbios communication is fine.
also check computer browser service is up on client computer
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THanks Darius, there are no Secondary Network Cards on either the Server or the Workstations.

I should also have highlighted that 1 Workstation can access the folder no problem, and there are 8 otthers that cannot. I have checked the Sharing and Security Permisssions and they are identical.

I was wondering if it was a NetBios issue, but do not know what to try
Thanks RonnyJ,

I can ping Exactserver ok and can also ping the IP Address

The Computer Browser service was running but I restarted it just in case, unfortunately it has made no differance.
Darius I have rebooted the XP machine several times and the Server was rebooted Yesterday, but nothing seems to change afterwards.
Any AV installed?
We use Nod32 Antivirus, which is normally no problem with this application.
If no one can help can anyone suggest how to search for the answer to this problem on Google?
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Darius Ghassem
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Can you post the System tlog from the XP client as well as the server?

Computer Management > Event Viewer.
I disabled the AV, which had no effect whatsoever. However, once I uninstalled the AV, I was able to access the shared folder immediately. Strangely enough, some pc's have the AV installed and it doesn't affect them. I was able to put an exception in the AV \\exactserver\EXACTResources\*, which resolved the problem after a reboot. Many Thanks for your suggestions