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Jegajothy vythilingam
Jegajothy vythilingam used Ask the Experts™
My OS is windows 7 and I have PC Essentials and also McAfee installed on my pc.  
One of my friends forwarded me an email purported to be sent by me asking him to click on a link, which took him to a web site called brizy.com.  Earlier on someone had sent me a link to join this site, and I signed up thinking that it might serve as a good marketing tool.  
The email that was sent also mentioned my IP address.
How could this have happened and how do I clean this up.
Thank u.
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I would start by using something like malwarebytes and CCleaner.


They will be able to scour your system to ensure you don't have anything you don't want.

You should also change your password on your email.  If it's sending emails from your email then it has your password.
I would start by scanning your computer in safe mode with malware bytes and adaware.  Then scan with your antivirus.  Then remove any infections.  After that change your email account password.  I would also clear out the cache and temp files on your web browser.  

The reason you are seeing your IP address was probably the result of a tracking cookie embedded on the web page you went to.  
Malwarebytes should not be run in Safe Mode http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=9991 and http://www.sevenforums.com/system-security/53038-malwarebytes-safe-mode.html.

Some anti-virus tools for a specific virus/Trojan or spyware, from the various vendors sometimes should be run in Safe Mode.  Unless, it is instructed by the vendor, please run the scan in the Normal Mode.

If there is only one of your friends that has received this email, it's less likely to be you that is infected. It's not much of a virus which sends itself to one other person. More likely, his email was altered to display a random address in his list as the from address. That way more people are likely to think it is legitimate and open the contents.

It doesn't hurt to run any of the checks others have suggested, for piece of mind if nothing else, but if they are not giving you results, don't keep digging desperately trying find something. That way insanity lies!


Thank u everyone for some excellent suggestions and ideas. thank u.