what is oruzu

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what is oruzu / noseh.exe.  Got 12 semantec warnings:
Write Memory, Create Thread, Allocation Memory,  

No response through Google.

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If you are referring to the executable name, please note that some infections can , rename their executables, making it very hard to pinpoint threats through the filename.
Anyhow, if the computer is infected, disinfect it with Combofix, followed by MalwareBytes' AntiMalware full scan.
Is there no mention to the malware variant (Win32.Something)?
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I think "noseh.exe" is some kind of .Net command or switch.

We've had a couple of "False Positives" by Symantec reported here lately and this may be another instance.

If an actual file is being identified by Symantec, you can load it and have it scanned here:
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It is more helpful to our members if you include proper links to any tools you are recommending. Too often an Internet search will return links to boot leg sites.

You might find some helpful hints in this EE Article:
Malware Fighting – Best Practices
Yes, that could be... Please disregard my first post for now and follow youghv's suggestion first.
As for proper links:
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Sudeep SharmaTechnical Designer

Which Symantec product are you using? can we see the logs or screenshot of the warnings?

Further are these files been quarantine or left by Symantec?

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"No response through Google."

malware often use random filenames that's why google search doesn't yield any results.

Symantec didn't give any other info on the file? I would just run other scanners as mentioned like ComboFix and Mbam.
We need to see the ComboFix log since CF doesn't autodelete all bad files, that what its script function is for.


Thank you for a well set out plan of identifying and removing malware.  I am the type of geek who likes a plan ahead of me and then follow through it.  These are good tips and a structured way of approaching the problem!  I knew I could count on the Experts!

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