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I have a SWF file on a CD that I would like to run with Shock Wave Flash.  When I try to run the program it will only run with IE. When I try to "Open With", the only option is given is IE.  Your assistance with the resolution of this issue will be greatly appreciated.
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I'm not sure what you mean by 'run with shockwave' - can you make that a bit clearer?

For most people Flash content (swfs) normally runs in a browser.

If you have the ability to create Flash content (you own Adobe Flash) then an additional player gets installed with the Flash IDE (Integrated Development Environment) so that you can just double click a swf to run it. But if you don't own Flash, you won't have that option. (Note: I draw a distinction between having the Flash player (which is free and most people have on their computer) and owning Adobe Flash IDE which lets you create swfs, and is not free)

If you want to run the swf as a standalone application, what may be better for you is to turn the swf into what's known as a 'projector'. This is a swf that has been 'wrapped' to become a .exe file which can then be run as a normal Windows application. Unfortunately, the ability to create wrappers for swfs is also a function of the Flash IDE so unless you own Flash you can't do that for yourself.

Happily, it is a very easy thing for someone who does own Flash to do for you. If you know someone who owns / uses Flash, just ask them to turn the swf into a projector.

If you don't have someone to do that for you, if you upload the swf to EE I will do it for you, as it just takes a few seconds to do.


User decided just use the IE browser

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