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Alright, I have created a .prf file and have put the /importprf \\shareloaction of the .prf file on outlook. When I log in as a new user it goes to configure the email box but it still comes up with the following that the end user has to click thru...

A Outlook 2007 Startup Screen, I click next

Then a screen would you like to configure an email account? I click yes and next

Then a auto account setup, it is populated with %username% and I click next

then a configure screen and I click finish and it sets up the email box.

I think that the .prf file is doing the job but I want a way where the end user has no interaction, they just double click on MSOutlook and they are at their inbox. Any Help is greatly appreciated.

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You need to edit the .PRF file so that it is the default and also set BackupProfile=No otherwise it creates multiple profiles each time it's run.  If you run the command from Start > Run
i.e. Outlook.exe /importprf=\\serverlocation\filename.prf

What happens?



The Default Profile is set to YES, I also have the /importprf set and it still gives me all the set up screens. The user does not have to put anything in but I don't want them to see those screens at all.
Can you please compare it to the following (see attached)?  This is the one I've built for our company, you'll need to replace ExchangeServer.com with the name of your Exchange Server and also webmail.companyname.com with the name of your RPC Server, for staff using laptops to access the mail while away from the network.



I used your .prf file and changed it to my settings and it is still asking me to click thru those screens.
Can you remove all Outlook profiles on the system : Control Panel > Mail
Save the PRF file to the local machine for example C:\Data\CustomPRF.prf
Start > Run: Outlook /importPRF="C:\Data\CustomPRF.prf"

Somethings not quite right, I used the above on 1500+ systems, without any problems, to me it appears that it's using autodiscover (part of Exchange 2007 and above) which suggests that an existing profile already exists or that it's not following the outlook command.  (Usually happens if you run Outlook for the first time without the /importprf and using Exchange 2007)

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