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Hello, I would like to ask if you can help me find a software or something like that so i can build small web applicaions with mysql database. To give you an example I want to build a web application that i can input my customers and on each customer input some invoices and some other data. Also to search for spesific data, password protected e.t.c To be honest i never deal with programming. Any ideas?
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Wow, very open ended here.. but a good free tool for open source programming would be NetBeans.

Another area for you to look at may be to utilize one or more of the Amazon cloud services.

Amazon offers a full "cloud" environment for which to build and deploy basic web applications.
Keep in mind that all this is not without some research on your part.  And if you have ZERO experience with programming may be a bit overwhelming.

And yet another route to try may be to find a website hosting company as most all website hosting companies offer a fairly simple online tool for developing basic form based web applications with little or no programming experience needed.

Again all depends on your goals and what you want to learn and how fast you need it up and running.
A few quesitons
Are you really interested in building this yourself or do you just need a solution?  You can find really inexpensive hosted solutions that are tested by lots of customers

To build a secure solution you will need to learn and decide a lot of things
What language(s) and tools do I want to use to develop my app?  You mentioned mysql for the database, What about the webserver (IIS, apache, etc),  The application language? (php, java, C#, Ruby, etc),
Where are you going to host you web application?  There are many hosting providers, the one you choose needs to support your application stack (operating system, web server/appserver, development language and database)

After choosing these items you need to learn the application language and best practices around development including how to develop securely.

Now all of that seems like a lot to learn but if you are interested it will be a good time.  A great place to start is to get yourself setup with a workstation development stack, where you can do all of this on your own computer.  I like to use XAMPP which provides an Apache webserver, my sql db, perl and php development enviroments,  you can also quickly add apache tomcat to it for java development
it can be found here


mwochnick I allready have wampp for all this work and also have a hosting server on my own for the web pages i build for my clients. So i test them in wampp and then transfer them in the online server. But for the webpages i use joomla. I never thought that probably I would need a web application develompent language. Now one of my customers need one problem which is very simple as fas as i can understand that can be seen and managed outside of the company. So the problem is if i can use a language to build such applications
You can use PHP & MySQL no problem
If you have a small budget and no time to learn PHP
you can use Expression Engine
 it is very flexible and very secure.

I was using Joomla in the pass and I switch to Expression Engine,
no need to extra component anymore.

Or if you want to learn PHP this is not very complicate, there are plenty tutorial on the net.
Other solution is to use a Framework, I like to use CodeIgniter
joomla has lot of plugins for managing contacts and invoicing, I don't know all of your requirements but I'd definintely start by looking at the plugins.  Also since you are using Joomla, I'd definitely look at learning php which could do the trick for you.  Another option if your really looking at CRM type activities is to use - expensive but if your client is willing to pay for it, it might be a good solution.  You could also look at deploying community edition of Sugar CRM - or a licensed version for that matter


Ok let me tell you an example of a customer that needs a simple application. So one of them needs to have a web application so enter the application with password protected page, have a table of customers which can be updated such as add a customer, update a customer and delete a customer but only one of them can delete. Also for each customer we will have some data like date, product, price, invoice, notes and a tick option (this is one line) that when the tick will be "ticked" all the line will change color and close the case. And goes to the next line and so on. Also in this case the tick to be opened again only one will have this option. And of course generally to have the option of search or search by date e.t.c.
both Joomla and Sugar CRM have plugins that would work in this space, in your case since you familiar with Joomla I'd go that route.  Instead of coming up with a UI solution you might want to try a few different plugin options, see how they operate, how they can be customized and then show them to your customer to see if that operation meets their needs, instead of designing it first.  the idea being that there is nothing that is proprietary about this process.

Also joomla natively supports the security configuration capabilities necessary to do what you describe

some directories on billing/invoicing extenstion,com_mtree/task,listcats/cat_id,136/Itemid,95/

joomla CRM community


Not so accurate to the solution

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