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I've been getting some complaints about our emails taking 30 to 60 minutes to reach someone. What could be causing this?
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Well for starter's people sometimes have to udnerstand that emails are not instant.  I know people think that with technology it's not always the case.

Now to help out a little maybe you could tell us if these emails are to internal or external people?  Do they have attachments if so how big?

If it's Internal you may have an issue.  If it's external the issue may well not be your's, you might be able to track how long it takes to leave your own network but then you can be in the realm's of the wilds as the mail gets shunted along.

But let us have some more info and we can see if we can suggest things to try.


the emails are to external people and I'm not sure if they have attachments or how big they are.
Okay so the issue might not be with you then.  If its a large atatchment and your connection isn't good or the person receiving it isn't good its down to link speed.

Only way that can be resolved is by spending money on both sides.  Something that may not be an option.

Their are also about another 4-5 reasons like speed through any spam filter, connection at receiver as in lan speed and so on that could cause the issue.

Do you have a way to see how long it takes for the mail to leave your system, maybe by speaking to your service provider?

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