unable to control a20 line xms driver not installed

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I get a message  "unable to control a20 line xms driver not installed". When booting to onboard NIC. I'm booting to a Ghost server. I get to a prompt for All Ghost then I hit enter and Ghost begins to load and then during this proccess I get "unable to control a20 line xms driver not installed"
I did notice PC DOS 7.10 is being used to load Ghost.
Hopefully someone can help me
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I reckon that there is a configuration problem with the "boot floppy" being used by the PXE boot process.

It's going to be hard to diagnose unless you know how to fiddle with the "boot floppy" image.

Can you provide any further info on the PXE system?


Sorry, not enough info to help you.  Do you know how the Ghost server is configured?  Is there anyone else that you work with that might?
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I'm not sure of the confoguration of the Ghost server but I will tell yoy that I have had no problems Imaging my Dell D630. E6410, and others. This problem has only been an issue since trying to Image a Dell ATGE6420 system. I know the 6420 has an E512 HD that is in the system. I suspect that it may have something to do with that.
The A20 error is coming from the DOS boot loader (the "floppy disk").  It normally means the config is slight worng for that system.  Maybe this ATGE6420 has a different memory technology or amount of RAM?

This has info on what you can tweak in the DOS boot loader  http://discussions.virtualdr.com/archive/index.php/t-26813.html
But if you dont know how to manipulate that, then you are fairly much stuffed.  
The other option as mentioned in that page is that there is a memory fault with that box?  Have you tried any others of that type?  Got any diagnostics you can run on it?


DId not resolve my issue

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