Domain account freezes on every domain PC

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Hi Experts,

Every account in our domain and all local computer accounts works fine, but when I try to log into a Windows XP SP3 machine using my domain admin acoun,t however it takes at least 7 to 10 minutes to log in. If the machine is not connected to the network then it will log in without any issues.  After I am able to login, the computer works fine EXCEPT ! when I open "My Computer" icon to check my C:\ drive or my documents.  This issue is happening to all my PCs on the domain, EVEN newly image machines.

I have update the NIC driver and firmware - Disconected all network drives - Disable all logon script -

The only diffrent with my account is that is a domain admin account and that it is on a diffrent OU than the rest of the users. This issue is only affecting me!!

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated!!!
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What stage of login takes ages? If it's around applying users settings then I'd have a gander through your GPOs to make you don't have any wierd loops or looking for something which may/may not exist from your location.....

Are you using a roaming profile?  If you are, see how large it is.



It freezes the screen where you type your username and password.  When I hit enter the login screen freeze for about 1 minute then, the 2 screen comes up where it says applying computer setting and user setting, that goes quick without any issue, but the desktop does not show up after 5 minutes.  Then only thing I see is the windows wall paper picture with no icons!  

When the icons appear then i can use the computer without any issues EXCEPT when i try to go to "my computer"  that freezes on all Domain PCs..  When i disconnect the network cable "my computer"  icon works fine, no freezing.

I don not have a roaming profile and only one GPO for everyone is apply.
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How about deleting and re-creating the user account?

Any updates?


I have found the problem. The image I was using the entire time had a virus/trojan call taquito.exe and resides on the c:\restore folder.  

The reason it always affected the domain admin account and not the domain user account is because it can only run with an administrator account.

I have re-created the image and tested it, everything is working perfect!!  One more thing, symantec SEP 11 and 12 never detects this virus, the only software that detected it was malwarebyte.

At this point I will have to image all PCs because all of them have the same bad image.


Re-Image all PC with new image and problem was solved.  Previous image had a virus.

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