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Steps to add a NT server to our domain

handyjay used Ask the Experts™
I have a NT4 server.  It is currently acting as a BDC.  I will be using software to remove this and make it into a member server.

I would then like to rejoing this NT4 server to our 2008 Domain.  Joing a computer to a domain is easy with other OS versions, but I don't know how to on NT4.  I am unsure of the location.

Please provide steps on how to add a NT4 member server to a 2008 Domain.
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Hi handyjay,

From what I recall you can't add an NT4 server to a 2008 level domain.
By that I mean, if your functional level is at 2008, you cannot. If it's at 2000 mixed I believe you can just add it as normal.

To actually add the NT4 member server I think you do it from the Network Setup Wizard, maybe someone else can give you specifics but I can't I'm afraid.
See this link for some screens that might help, not sure how accurate it is.


if the root forest level for your domain is at Windows 2000 mixed domain then you can add NT systems to 2008 domain. process would be same as any other system. if you are running in to error, create the computer account for NT system manually  and then add
As has been said by the_endjinn

You'll need to have your root forest level at Windows 2000 mixed domain level. If you've rasied it above that, to for example 2003 forest functional level, you cannot.

Some reading on the subject:




You could use the netdom join command I think though my NT4 skills are more than a tad rusty.

As NT4 is no longer supported would you be better off upgrading it to say 2003 or do you have software that needs to run on NT4?
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

I suggest that you retire the NT 4.0 box. That OS is about 15 years ago, and Microsoft stopped security patches for it years ago. To get it to work you will need to lower the security levels on your domain controller. Anything older than Windows 2003 should be replaced if at all possible.
Lionel MMSmall Business IT Consultant

I'm with the rest--switch to Windows 2003 or later, unless you MUST have NT4 for some reason--if you do have that reason, let us know what that is and maybe we can help you resolve that. Otherwise, check eBay for some good deals on Windows Server 2003. I f you can't find one let me know, I switched a client last year from 2003 to 2008 and I'm sure I can get them to sell it to you


upromote software helped complete this task