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Restore in SQl server 2005

Parth Malhan
Parth Malhan used Ask the Experts™
Hi all,

I have a Database on my production server having sql server 2005
and Full-Text search is enabled on this database.

But I restored that database on testing server with TSQL
and didn't include Full-Text files.

and after that i was not able to take full backup of Testing Database
and taking Files and Groups Backup

Now, Someone deleted .mdf and .ldf files from Testing Server and Database is lost
The (+) sign which is against every database vanishes and all options except Properties after RIght-Click on that DB is disabled.

And I'm not able to restore this Backup of File and Groups that Database
and not even on new Database.

Now I have Full Backup of Production Database of last night and Files and filegroups backup of Testing DB of Today evening.

What should i do ?

Please Help !
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Som TripathiDatabase Administrator

What do you mean by backup of file... ?
1. Backup of mdf and ldf files.
2. Backup of database.
Parth MalhanPrincipal Engineer


I mean
Backup of file groups
Parth MalhanPrincipal Engineer


Please Suggest any way to restore File and FileGroups Backup without having any other backup
1. Restore FULL BACKUP of production on TEST.
2. Add/delete whatever you need there. (New version procedure, for example)
3. During RESTORE on the page "Options" you can change "Restore As" to new location on your TEST instance.

In this way you will have exact replica of production. Otherwise the behavior cold be different which is bad for testing - you can fight some ghosts on TEST which does not exist on PRODUCTION.

Aaron ShiloChief Database Architect

BTW just skip to the restore part.
Principal Engineer

I got it.
Just Restore file and files group backup removing files from script which are not included in file backup.
Parth MalhanPrincipal Engineer


I didn't have full backup so wanted to restore Files and Filesgroup backup
Thus i find the solution from one of my Friends.