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What is the standard process to get install a software?

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I have the application and I need to install it only two desktops. The application has to connect to two databases in two different servers. I do not control the Firewall.

I think the two persons that need the application in there desktop need to go throw the computer department to get this done but I am not sure.

Thank you.
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If you dont know how to install software and you have the option of getting the computer department to do it, get the computer department to do it.

So who are you?  The application developer?  Do you work for the company that needs the software or are you a remote consultant?  Nobody can tell you the standard process for your company to install software because that is up to the company.


I am a remote consultant and the developer.
"I am a remote consultant and the developer."

...and you don't know how to install your own software.  Maybe there is a section in your "Developing Software 101" book?


I know how to install the software. the problem is that the firewall is close for me and it is control by HP. other consultant. My question is, does I have to ask HP to set the firewall rules or the people that need the software in there computer should do it?
So, are you external of this company and trying to install remotely?

Or are you in the company now and having issues with the firewall to see the servers from the desktops?

Are we talking network firewall or OS firewall?


Network Firewall. and I am in the company. I give them the software and they support to install it.
Okay, so give them the software and let them install it, opening any required firewall holes as they go.


Thank you