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Exchange Error 12014 on Edge & 12019 on Hub

mrwarejr used Ask the Experts™
I have an urgent issue.  I am receiving msexchange transport errors on my edge and my exchange server.  I am not sure how to fix.  I recently renewed my ssl cert on my exchange server and ran the new-edgesubscription at that time.  I am not sure how to correct the issue.  If I run get-exchangecertificate | fl * on the edge server nothing comes back.  Please help so I do not have any issues with mail flow traffic.

Oh yeah it is an exchange 2007 environment
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You may need to make sure you have successfully installed your exchange certificate, I think you are only allowed 3 certs at a time so you might need to delete and old cert then install the new cert. If it didn't work the first time you will need request another cert and have it updated again. Once you install the new certificate you have to enable it fo service such as SMTP, IIS, POP3 etc.


I actually figured it out myself.  I did not launch the EMS as an administrator so when I tried to perform new-exchangecertificate I would receive an Access is Denied error.  Once I did that the new-exchange certificate and new-edgesubscription seemed to work just fine.  Now the errors went away.  I went ahead and rewarded you both the points as you took the time to reply to my question.  Thank you for your assistance.