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Another Parallel programming question  VB.NET

rutledgj used Ask the Experts™
So with your help I now have this working

  Dim w As New Work
            Parallel.ForEach(LstVendors, Sub(currentVendor)
                                             'Dim w As New Work
                                         End Sub)

What I really need now is a way to :
1 Use a queue to process,
2. Have a cancellation token available
3. Have a way to know when all tasks are completed.

Please only vb.net code.  I can find csharp examples but have a very hard time converting them to vb.
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re-write your Work class a backgroundworker class and utilize the backgroundworker's cancellation and completed events to fulfill 2 and 3 above. here's a good Microsoft walthrough


I was looking more for a way to use the task.waitall method


It appears that waitall requires a list of task to monitor which I don't see a way to do that using the foreach loop. Is there another way to do this not using foreach where the tasks can be saved to a collection?
here'sa code suggestion. I have used Object for your Work class, but a straight swap should be OK (where you have it defined). heres the inspiration: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd270695.aspx
        Dim LstVendors As New List(Of Object)
        Dim vendorsACTION As Func(Of Object, Object) = Function(obj As Object)
                                                           'here I suppose you do your bits and bobs
                                                           Dim ReturnOBJ As Object = Nothing
                                                           Return ReturnOBJ
                                                       End Function

        Dim xTask As Task(Of Object)() = New Task(Of Object)(LstVendors.Count - 1) {}

        Parallel.ForEach(LstVendors, Sub(currentVendor)
                                         xTask(LstVendors.IndexOf(currentVendor)) = Task(Of Object).Factory.StartNew(vendorsACTION, LstVendors.IndexOf(currentVendor))
                                     End Sub)

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Ok. So what I have is a class Vendor.

I have a LstVendor(of Vendor)

I have another class called Worker with a method called DoWork(v as Vendor)

I'm not sure how to substitute my  items into your code where Object is.

your class Worker is in this case replaced by the vendorsAction function. So I would just copy the DoWork method in there to the function.