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Alert someone when a particular WIndows 2008 process is gone

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We have a product running on a Windows 2008 R2 server.  This product has a very improtant process loaded (not a service) but it occasionally dies due to unknown reason.  Is there a way to alert someone when a windows process disappear from memory?

We currently email someone when a windows service dies (after the 3rd failed attempts).  I am hoping there is a simple way to do the same for windows process.  We are not equipped to write any fancy programs, looking for freeware or OS tools to facilitate this alert.
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Spiceworks looks pretty chunky.  This is a critical VOIP server, I am 100% sure the sys admin will not let me install that on this server.  BTW, which module of Spiceworks (like Network Monitoring) can alert me when a monitored process is gone?


When this process dies, it does log an error entry into the application event log.  I am googling if there is a simple way to send an email.  Help!
I am closing this entry now.  Out sya admin says he can write a vbs file that sens a SMTP email based on the application event log entry.


Our sys admin solved the problem.