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HELP!!! Question about changing static IP on a DC...

rsnellman used Ask the Experts™
Hi, I have a question about changing static IP on a DC (Server 2008 R2).

I am migrating to a new machine (server) for my DC at one of my branch sites and was wondering if I could set it temporarily static IP then once I have ADDS with Integrated DNS is  installed and everything is moved to it as the new bridgehead server, like DNS, DHCP, etc. then decommission the old bridgehead server.  Once the old server is decommissioned, I want to use it's static IP.

Is this possible to do without causing ill effects to the new bridgehead server?  (Changing it's static IP after ADDS with DNS Integrated & DHCP is installed.)

Thanks in advance.
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Yes you can reuse the IP, Ace has an entire blog dedicated to the subject


Just make sure after you change it to restart the netlogon service so that the DNS records are updated with the new IP


Ttake care if one thing: if you have two DHCP servers on the same LAN, it must be correctly set. Authorize both DHCP servers when they are present simultaneously on the network. Both servers must be domain members or domain controllers
rsnellmanIT Manager


Yes, I know.  Actually, I was planning on unauthorizing the current one (soon to be old & decommissioned server) then authorize the new DHCP server on the new server and be good to go.  Then DCPROMO the old server to remove the AD (DC) functions of it.